Hi and welcome to my shop
It all began when I was a young boy watching my dad work in his workshop, making wooden gates
and thinking I was helping him by hammering old nails into cut off pieces of wood.
But now I have progressed, and instead of just banging in old nails,
I am crafting a beautiful collection of wine racks,coffee tables,

storage units and other interesting pieces in a small workshop in Suffolk, England - with my dog Tracey!

Back in 2013 I originally set up this site to promote healthy living and to sell products that I believed in.
I had always been interested in Health and Fitness and I set a goal to become a Personal Trainer.
Some big changes were made and I set out to make a difference!
Lots of hard work and study soon brought results and I reached my goal.

I am now a Qualified Personal Trainer and I am still passionate about Health and Fitness. 

However having a background in carpentry and spending many years crafting various pieces of furniture.
I now decided to rekindle this love of working with wood.
So I changed this site to an online shop - selling my hand crafted, unique creations.
The skills I have today have grown from watching and learning all those years ago.
I hope you will cherish my work for years to come.