October 23, 2017

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My 5 Tips for Growing a Glorious Beard!

1: Stop shaving / trimming for at least six months! Beard hairs grow at different stages and need time to grow out.

2: Trim cheek line but not the neckline and in my personal opinion, don’t touch the Moustache! Just looks odd having a big beard and small or no Moustache but that’s just me.

3: Use Seven Potions Beard Oil. Will stop the itchy phase and will make your beard feel incredible.

4: Also remember to use Seven Potions Beard Wax. It will make hairs lay down and keep your Moustache looking EPIC!

5: Now this is the big one! Don’t listen to what anyone says, well the good-looking woman down at the local beer festival who said, she loved my beard and that it looks amazing is ok but the rest who tell you how your beard should or should not look need sorting out! It’s your face and you can do whatever you want to it. Remember beards make the man and you have to do something to not have one!

Really hope my tips help you gentlemen who are new to growing out your beards. Please keep checking out my new weekly blog posts and have a look at my beautiful Seven Potions Beard Grooming Boxes.

June 02, 2015

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Fallen and then crafted - How our wine racks are born

It all starts with an ancient woodland which has been left to its natural habitat for many years.

I am proud to be able to say that we never cut trees down but leave them to reach their full potential of growth and then in due time for various reasons they fall.

Now comes the exciting part - to go and gather this amazing wood. We have a vast range of different trees in our woodland, including Oak, Elm, Yew, Walnut, Beach and many more. So exploring is always fun. I look for that special part in the tree truck which I will cut out and use to craft into these beautiful wine racks.

Each wine rack I craft is truly unique and has had its own journey. From its beginning to its final destination, we here at One Stop Earth have taken much care and enjoyment in creating every piece. We hope our customers enjoy them too.

May 08, 2015

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The Journey of The Grand Oak Beam Wine Rack

I think The Grand is one of the finest oak beam wine racks I have crafted so far. It was found in an ancient woodland, with beautiful knots and shakes. However, this meant that it took many hours of craftsmanship to achieve such a stunning 5 hole oak wine rack.  I am sure that whoever becomes the new owner of this beautiful wine rack will appreciate its character as much as I do. It is sure to be a talking point wherever it is placed.

I am continually finding different types of wood which will also be crafted into more beautiful wine racks. Each wine rack is unique and cannot be copied. So just like 1610 each one will have its own story!

May 06, 2015

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Keeping Craftsmanship Alive In This Modern World

For centuries human beings have been crafting - ships, weapons, planes, houses, furniture. I could go on and on, but I wont.
Lets just say, wood is one of the oldest known forms of craftsmanship and we are still using it today. It is tough and durable and will last for years.

So why now are so many things either mass produced in a factory or being imported from around the world. Well, we are living in modern times and due to cutting costs and time, people are losing out on this incredible skill. We think that by crafting in wood such as Oak, you are guaranteed character and quality.

One of our most popular ranges has to be our beautiful Oak beam wine racks. They are stunning to look at and every one is different. Well worth the many hours they take to craft.

Bringing It back!

Here at One Stop Earth we are bringing craftsmanship back and into your home at an affordable cost.
From selecting the right piece of timber, down to finishing off the product using the perfect shade of treatment, every piece we craft we have great pride in and we hope our customers do too.

May 25, 2014

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Water - Our key to life

Flaska - Re-usable, glass water bottles.      

There is no doubt that our health is of great importance to us and we do much research to source products which will help to preserve our health.
Lack of information however, sometimes means that we eat and drink things that can be very harmful to us - if not life threatening!
When we consider that our human body is made up of 70% water, it makes us realise how important water is to our well-being. Just a small drop in the water supply to our body can cause many serious health issues. Even though most developed countries have drinking water readily available on tap, 3/4 of the population of the western world suffer from mild/chronic dehydration. A sobering thought indeed!

Plastic bottles - What are the dangers?

We all know that we should be drinking more water - but quality is just as important as quantity.
Clean, uncontaminated water is essential for our well-being. Research now shows that drinking water from plastic bottles, especially when they have been refilled (which many people do) is compromising our health. Plastic bottles contain chemicals that react in a harmful way when exposed to heat, sunlight and damage. These can then leach into the water, and into our bodies!

Glass on the other hand is stable and does not allow its substances to transmit into the water. It is a very suitable material for storing items such as medicine, food, drinks etc and WATER!


  • Drink at least 1.5l of water a day
  • Drink tap water if it is clean and safe
  • Always choose glass rather than plastic.
  • Keep your FLASKA water bottle with you always!